Product Care

Rattan is a beautiful, sustainable material that is indigenous to the forests of Southeast Asia. It's fast-growing nature allows it to renew within 5-7 years, which is almost 7 times faster and more environmentally friendly than wood or or synthetic rattan, which emits 22 times more greenhouse gases when produced. 

We've partnered with experienced, quality partners in Indonesia to bring these unique, ethically made pieces to the US. Our partners are dedicated to their employee growth & development, while also aiding in ecological conversation with the replanting of teak trees in their area. 

Rattan is a flexible & durable material which can last years with gentle care and cleaning. Regular care will preserve its natural strength and color.

To care for your pieces: clean gently with a soft, damp cloth. Use natural cleaners like dish detergent sparingly and diluted with water. Do NOT oversaturate or soak and dry outdoors if needed. Use a soft toothbrush for cleaning between grooves and small crevices.

If mildew forms, use a strong bleach to clean affected areas, then immediately dry outdoors.

It is preferable to keep pieces indoors and out of direct sunlight, as harsh sun can split, crack, or warp the material. If splitting occurs due to excessive dryness, treat the rattan with a small amount of linseed oil or wood moisturizer. A slightly humid space helps prevent drying.

Lift rattan furniture instead of dragging to avoid splitting the fibers.