About Us


Christina and Steven here, creators of Ellie & Becks, a brand inspired by and named after our kids.

Our site is the melding of so many aspects of our journey. Both growing up as first-generation Vietnamese-Americans, we recognize the importance of helping children understand their identity, developing self-confidence, and appreciating diversity in the world around them. As kids, and even now raising our own two kids, we've had a hard time finding toys and books that inspire a recognition and appreciation of different cultures. It is our passion to bring you products that connect us to the world around us, through dolls of different colors and races, home goods & toys that are ethically made by hardworking artisans all over the globe. Always with aesthetics and design in mind, so both kids and parents can enjoy seeing our items in your spaces. 

We work with both global and local companies, to provide you with unique curated and custom-designed products. Toys, decor, books, art, crafts, anything and everything we think you'll love.

Our site, at its core, is about embracing uniqueness. With a little creativity, inspiration & joy sprinkled in.

We hope you'll find something you love!

Christina, Steven, Ellie & Becks