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Mini Colettos


Creating a more fun, inclusive & beautiful world

We champion diversity while also offering unique, design-forward, high-quality items that both parents and children will love.

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    “Amazing. Just obsessed with everything this company offers!"

    Brittany L.

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    "My daughter absolutely love it! Can’t wait to buy her more pieces. Quality is amazing!"

    Nicole L.

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    "Everything was presented with so much care. I will definitely shop at your store again."

    Janelle S.

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    Your products and mission are so one of a kind and needed! We love your shop!


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    I love the toys you carry but also your values as a company!


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    Ellie & Becks Co. is a truly wonderful and unique shop!


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    As a consumer it’s important we vote with our dollar. It’s ethically responsible to know what brands and influencers we support and I 100% support your shop. Proud to be a customer!


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    Love you guys for your inclusivity, and amazing quality products. Wonderful customer service. Love the variety of products and style!


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Product Journey

  1. 1 Rattan is sustainably harvested in Indonesia.

  2. 2 We draft several iterations of a new product to get the perfect design.

  3. 3 Our partner builds a prototype. After several revisions and a certified quality & safety inspection, we place our order and the 8-10 week production process begins.

  4. 4 Our products are packed into a shipping container and begin their long journey from Asia to one of our three US warehouse locations, where they're processed for shipment.

  5. 5 Our handcrafted products are delivered to your door!

  6. 6 You unbox and enjoy!